Massive Mane


If I had a nickel for every time someone used that quote in reference to me, I would be a very wealthy woman! Besides how I do my eyeshadow, the question I get more than anything is how I get so much volume in my hair.

The mass quantities of curly hair I have piled on top of my head helps, but when using heat styling products, anyone can achieve a significant amount of volume, even with the thinnest hair! My hair breaks easily, so I avoid teasing it at all costs, but I have quite a few tips and tricks to achieving a voluminous mane!


My first secret to volume is my Tresemmé Thermal Creations Volumizing Mousse. This product is designed for heat styling, and will not damage your hair at all! Be careful not to get to eager when applying because it can leave a strange texture to your hair, but when used appropriately it helps create amazing volume. I follow the instructions as written on the back, and it works like a charm!


My next little secret is the way that I blow-dry my hair:

First, for the majority of the time, I dry my hair with my head upside down brushing it towards the ground as I go, make sure you flip your head up every couple minutes so all the blood doesn’t rush to your head :)!

Second, as I blow my hair dry, I brush against my part to increase volume around the crown of my head. These tricks will all provide immediate volume


Once my hair is completely blown dry, I use large velcro rollers around my crown. I take three sections, one on each side of my part and one section on the back of my head and put in the rollers. I then use a diffuser to apply heat to the sections with the rollers, and leave them in until they curl. I usually use this time to put on my make up, and get a break from being under all the heat.

The last step to voluminous hair depends on what styling tool you are using. When I use a flat iron, I avoid going near my roots at the top of my head to keep that volume there. If I’m using a curling iron I start by my roots and allow it to get a bit of heat, and then go on curling how I normally do!

Hope these tips and tricks helped, go out and rock your massive mane!

Until next time,
Adieu Beauty Babies


Luxurious Lashes

I have officially fallen in love….with a new mascara.


Organic wear mascara by Physicians Formula is the greatest product to ever grace my lashes. I bought it on a whim because I was so disappointed with all the mascaras I have purchased recently, and it was on sale at CVS.

I have compiled a list of the pros and cons, so I will go ahead and get my negativity out of the way.

The only two cons I have are the shape of the packaging, and the scent. The packaging is literally flat, so it’s hard to swirl the wand around in the product, and it feels as if it will be difficult to use the entire thing, much like that of the original Urban Decay primer potion, for reference.



Second, the smell. I can’t describe it, or really compare it to anything; it just has a very strange smell.

The pros significantly out weigh the cons though.

First of all, the product lasts all day. It doesn’t flake, and it looks just as good now as it did over twelve hours ago when I first applied it.

Second, it doesn’t clump. The most I have applied is three coats, and my lashes didn’t stick together at all! Not only does this product help with length, but it also gives a lot of volume.

Third, I love the brush. It’s a rubber brush, but it does not hurt when applying, like a few others that I have tried. It also separates the lashes to help prevent clumping!


Fourth, while the packaging is difficult to work with, to get product out, the leaf-shaped handle makes it really easy to hold, at least as a lefty! I find that I can get a sturdier grip on it, and in turn get a better grip on my lashes.

Lastly, this product holds the curl. As I said before, I applied this product over twelve hours ago, and my lashes still look like I just curled them.

All in all I give this product two thumbs up, five stars, and a high five. I’d highly recommend it to just about everyone.

Until next time,
Adieu Beauty Babies

Kiss the Grease Good-bye!

Is your face a slippery slope of product? Do you suffer from severe make up meltdown?

Once upon a time I had ridiculously dry skin, and seemingly no matter how much product I slapped on, my make up stayed put, and my face stayed dry as a bone. Once I started using retinae for my skin though, my face became greasier than a fast food restaurants counter! Until recently though, I never quite mastered keeping my face shine free, but I finally feel ready enough to share my “secrets” with you!

First things first, oil blotting sheets are my savior. I have a pack in my purse, my school bag, my car, with my make up, pretty much anywhere that I will be throughout the day. I honestly do not have a preference when it comes to brand, and all of the packs I have are different!


e.l.f makes a $1 version of the oil blotting sheets, they’re not the best, but they get the job done. The two that I have found myself repurchasing though are the Clean & Clear, and the NYX brand blotting sheets! Here’s a little tip though, if you do not feel like spending the ~$4-$6 on a pack, just use the paper toilet seat covers that are in public restrooms, or even toilet paper! You may feel a little silly, but they really do the trick, and if your face is shining bright, they come in handy!

Next, powders are your best friend. I used to avoid powder like the plague because I was worried of being a cake face, but now I have mastered the art of blending, and using the right powders! If you are the type of person that does not like to wear a lot of make up everyday, or you are just running errands and are not too concerned, translucent powder should do the trick.

My personal favorite translucent powder is a semi-recent purchase for me. It is the e.l.f High Definition Powder. This little guy helps me keep my skin oil free, and by doing so, makes my make up last much longer! It works as well as a high end product, but it is only $6.00!

Another powder that I use daily, (following my foundation and concealer, but prior to my blush/bronzer/highlighter), is my NYX stay matte but not flat powder foundation. Once my skin started becoming oily, I switched to powder foundation, but realized over time that what works best for me is a combination of the two. For day-to-day usage, I just lightly apply a small amount of this powder with a kabuki brush to my T-zone, and find that it provides extra coverage, and keeps my skin from getting oily!

Lastly, with your foundation/primer, you want to use oil free products! The foundation that I have been using, and loving, is the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow brightening make up. I am almost finished with my first bottle of it, but I am definitely pleased with the product, from its packaging, to its constancy, to its staying power, and coverage.

The primer that I have been using, and fallen in love with is the NARS oil-free Pro-Prime. I use a very small amount, concentrating on my T-zone, before applying my foundation and find that it shrank my pores, minimized my oil, and increased the staying power of my makeup. (I’ve currently had my make up on for approximately 10 hours, and I still have good coverage!)

When it comes to the products that go on your face, do not hesitate to spend a little more money; after all, you only have one face!

Until next time,
Adieu Beauty Babies

Colossal Cat-astrophe!


Up until now, I have had nothing but positive reviews, but unfortunately, that is about to change. I have been using the new Maybelline Colossal Volume’ Express Cat Eyes mascara, and it has not been making me a happy camper.

This product is a new release, and as someone who has always been a fan of their mascaras, I spent quite some time searching high and low for it since it was sold out at every drug store!

Now, I am not one to just bash a product without reason, so let me begin. Disclaimer: the desired results of mascaras are subject to personal opinion, and this is simply my opinion, and you may love this product, but I have my reasons for disliking it!

One pro about this product is the packaging; while the tube is the same as most of their mascaras, it has cheetah/leopard print on the top making it simply adorable :)!

The first thing I dislike about this product is the brush, I love the fact that it is curved, but it is super thin and while it gives length, it doesn’t really provide much volume (which one would expect from a product called Volum’ Express). Its excellent for bottom lashes though!

Second, I purchased the waterproof version because I have noticed that with drug store products the formula of waterproof mascaras lasts much better throughout the day than the non-waterproof ones. When I first apply this mascara in the morning, the results are magnificent, to the point that it looks like I am wearing false lashes. Less than a few hours into the day though, my lashes start to look like they have no mascara on them at all!

Third, the brush broke. I have had this product for less than a week, and it broke. Not amused.

I had high expectations for this product since in general I tend to favor Maybelline mascaras. The reason I switched is because I noticed the formula of my regular favorite, The Falsies Flared, started decreasing and I was just not getting the same results that I used to. Sadly, I have been let down by Maybelline once again :(!

Once again, this is just one opinion, but after reading some reviews online, I do not seem to be alone! If you have tried this product yourself, let me know what you think!

Until next time,
Adieu Beauty Babies

Bye Bye Bags!

I apologize for the lack of posting, but its midterm season, and I reluctantly had to put my love of beauty aside for the last week! With my increased levels of stress my under eye area upgraded from bags to an eight piece luggage set.

Thanks to genetics, my under eye area is slightly baggier than most, but the less sleep I get to the worse it becomes. I thought it would be fun to share my top three products for my under eye area to help with de-puffing and dark circles!

First things first, my favorite little trick is to use a concealer that is a few shades lighter than my skin tone to brighten up my under eye area. Also, using something with an illumizer can seriously brighten up your eye area (and entire face), but I can do a whole separate post on that if you all would like!

In no particular order:

1. Anti Dark Circle Eye Roller in Light/Medium from Garnier Fructis

I use this product prior to applying my foundation in conjunction with my moisturizer. It works as a brightener under my foundation, helps smooth out the area, and correct the appearance of dark circles! Also, I have had this roller ball for over a year, and it has not dried up or run out! I swear this thing is a bottomless pit of product!

2. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser – Dark Circles Treatment Concealer

I’m about half way done with this concealer, and I will definitely be repurchasing it. I am not crazy about the fact that it is a twist up product with a built in sponge, but the product is worth it. I have noticed a difference in the dark circles under my eyes, and I love how well this product works as a concealer! It has a nice consistency, and great staying power! I used to use a very creamy concealer under my eyes but have found with the Instant Age Rewind Eraser it is no longer necessary.

3. Clinique All About Eyes Cream

Clinique has been throwing this in with their free gift with purchase for as long as I remember, and for good reason too, it works! Not only do my eyes get very dark with lack of sleep, but they tend to puff up very easily as my skin is very sensitive. It comes in a rollerball form now, and the cooling effect it has on the eyes not only feels amazing, but you can see the area de-puffing!

So although I cannot do anything to make my bags go away entirely, stupid genetics :(, my artillery of under eye products that go into my daily routine significantly lower the appearance of them!

Until next time,
Adieu Beauty Babies

The Wonders of Wet n’ Wild

In the cosmetic industry you tend to get what you pay for, and as much as I adore drug store products there is no arguing that most high end products are much better quality. When it comes to Wet n’ Wild though, you are not getting what you pay for, you are getting so much more!

The only complaint that I have about this product is the cheap packaging, which is what deterred me for many years. Although, when compared to the quality of the product you are receiving, the plastic-y packaging is no longer an issue.

As a child I was fond of Wet n Wild because it was about all I could afford with my $5.00 allowance (yes, even as a child I blew all of my money on makeup). As I grew older I kept that mentality that Wet n’ Wild was something for children to play with. Recently though, I was proven quite wrong.

I first rediscovered my love for Wet n’ Wild products when I was at CVS picking up a prescription. As I was leaving the store I chose to take the long way out, through the makeup isles, and I noticed a beautiful blue nail polish on the Wet n’ Wild stand.  CVS had a promotion which was buy one get one free, so I grabbed an eye shadow trio without paying much attention, (it was free, why not?) and headed to the cashier.

I neglected the eye shadow trio for quite some time pushing it to the back of my drawer. One day as I was organizing my makeup collection and started playing with all of my products. After a quick swatch of the Wet n’ Wild eye shadow, I realized that not only was the consistency amazing, but it was incredibly pigmented!

Some of the Color Icon Trios :)!

These shadows are not hit or miss, they all have amazing consistency, pigmentation, and incredible staying power! I have noticed that with a primer, they will last as long as my Urban Decay shadows! (I proudly own most of the eye shadows that they make.)

Another Wet n’ Wild product that I have grown to become obsessed with is the color icon blushes! They are so pigmented, so you have to be super careful when applying them or you will end up looking a little bozo-y! They last all day, and they have a selection that would match any skin tone!

Some of the color icon blushes! 🙂 (color is not done justice in this photo!)

My third, and final, favorite product from Wet n’ Wild is the Mega Last Lip Color! I ventured into CVS a few days ago in hopes of finding the perfect red lipstick. I hate that you can’t swatch in a drug store, but I figured I would just buy a few red lipsticks from Wet n’ Wild to at least find the right shade for my skin tone. Once again the entire range was buy one get one free so I went a little crazy.

Mega Last Lipsticks!

This lipstick has the consistency and feel as my Chanel lipsticks. It feels amazing on; it does not cake, peel, or bleed all around your mouth. I am seriously obsessed with this product.

In fact, I’ve grown obsessed with the entire line. Not only is the line incredibly affordable, but it is worth every single penny that you spend! I find myself reaching for my Wet n’ Wild products as frequently as my high end products!

Until next time,
Adieu Beauty Babies ❤

Preserve Your Youth!

On my twentieth birthday one of my (sorority) sisters said “Happy birthday!! Time to start using anti-aging products!” I laughed and brushed this off, until I did my research. I immediately started freaking out, convinced myself I aged dramatically over night, and pointed out all my “wrinkles” to my mom :)!

Luckily, my dermatologist had prescribed Retin-A for me to help with some acne and scarring issues, and Retin-A seemed to be the most recommended product for 20-somethings to prevent aging.

The Retin-A I’ve been using for the past year or so!

It is very necessary to take preventative measures and start at a young age because your skin begins to lose elasticity starting in your early twenties. Think about it this way, wouldn’t it be easier to prevent something, then try to correct ten years of damage after it has happened?

Another thing to help preserve your skin is a good sunscreen! I never purchase a foundation without a sunscreen in it, and I use a sunscreen every day (even during the non-summer months)!

Lastly, the eye area is the most important to protect! I recently purchased a new concealer (which I will post a review on soon) and I have noticed that it has helped with the skin around my eyes, as well as brightening my under eye area (I have vicious dark circles)

I am not going to suggest any specific products to you because it seriously depends on your skin type, and age! I highly recommend visiting your favorite cosmetic counter or store and asking questions, or just doing your research online to figure out what is best for you! Just make sure to always stay mindful that your skin will not stay baby smooth forever :(!

Until next time,

Adieu Beauty Babies!

Hard as Nails!

Although I may be someone who is obsessed with all things hair, makeup, and beauty in general, I absolutely hate painting my nails, but I also cannot stand when they are chipped! That is why I always look for quality nail polishes so I do not have to paint them as frequently!

The Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear nail polish is not only amazingly affordable, but it is probably the best quality nail polish that I have. I have a few bottles of nail polish from Essie, OPI, and China Glaze, but in no way, shape, or form do I see how those bottles are worth the $8-$10 I have spent on them.

A little piece of my “Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear” collection!

The first thing that I love about these nail polishes is their consistency! If you are in a rush you can easily get away with just quickly applying one coat, it will not be too thin, or streaky! These polishes not only have a great consistency, but they are also highly pigmented!

The next thing that I love about these polishes are the colors! Not only is there a wide variety of colors available, but they all seem to fit into that “perfect shade of” category! I spent far too long and way too much money searching for the perfect mint green nail polish. The Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear nail polish in “Mint Sorbet” is by far the most perfect shade of mint green I have ever seen in my life. It has literally been on my nails for the past two years! The same thing goes for the lavender, and coral shades that I have. In fact, it goes for all of the colors!

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Mint Sorbet! (please excuse my super short nails)

The last, and best part, about these nail polishes is what they do for your nails! I tend to keep my nails short, as you can see in the picture above, because not only do they tend to break easily, but also I have a habit of biting them if they get too long :/. These nail polishes strengthen them, and even if your nails are long you will feel a difference when this polish is on!

All in all, I have nothing but positive things to say about this product, not only is it beyond reasonably priced, it is the only nail polish I will continue to buy:)!

Until next time,
Adieu Beauty Babies

Sayonara Split Ends?

Pretty much every hair care product on the market claims it is going to repair your hair and make your split ends disappear, blah blah blah; as a logical person I know that the chances of that is just about zero to none.

A few weeks ago I was at Target, and in desperate need of a new shampoo. I have normal hair, but I find that most shampoos either make me oily, or strip my hair dry. As I was strolling through the hair care isle I saw this pretty mint green color on the bottom shelf and was immediately drawn to it. It was the new Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo!

I am all about trying new products so I figured I would give it a chance, and so far the only regret I have is not taking before and after pictures! The difference has been noticeable, and amazing! Within three washes I fell in love with the shampoo! The next time I was at Target I took a look at the rest of the line, and everything but the serum was sold out, (but of course I got the serum too)!

I have about a weeks worth of the shampoo and serum left, and this weekend I will be on the hunt for the rest of the line. While I still have split ends these products have significantly decreased the dry and frizzy nature of my ends, (the only 100% effective way to make split ends disappear is to cut those suckers off)!

As someone with a LOT of hair, especially curly hair, I appreciate those products that can help me keep it tamed throughout the day, and with the Tresemme Split Remedy products, I have noticed a significant difference!

I not only love this product, I highly recommend it! It is affordable, and I feel like it has given me better results than most of my salon products!

Adieu Beauty Babies

Glam Gurus

One year for Christmas my mom got me a clip-less curling wand, and although extremely excited, I had absolutely no clue how to use it. I hopped on YouTube and searched “Conair Curling Wand Help” and was presented with JuicyStar07’s, or Blair tutorial on how to achieve Taylor Swift curls! That is how I discovered the YouTube beauty community, and I have been religiously watching videos since then.

While there are SO many talented girls who make great YouTube videos, I thought I would highlight my top 5 girls, and give a little bit of information on why I choose to follow them!

In no particular order:

1. MissGlamorazzi or Ingrid

Ingrid was the first Beauty Guru I discovered after Blair. I was even more excited when I found out that she was an studying architecture, since I was planning on studying Engineering! She has a very uplifting personality, and her love of cats and spunky attitude can always put me in a good mood!
2. FleurDeForce or Fleur

Fleur is as beautiful and unique as her name. She’s very down to earth and never seems like she’s reviewing a product just because she’s getting paid for it. She’s also getting married, and has started a channel with her sister about her wedding plans! (As a wedding obsessed girly girl, I was as excited as if my best friend had just gotten engaged.) Fleur is honest, and more on the down to earth side of the beauty world (I’m not calling her a guru, because she herself says shes not)!

3. DulceCandy87 or Dulce

Dulce is an absolutely stunning woman. In her earlier videos she explains how she spent some time in the military, which shows that she’s not just beautiful, but she’s tough. She’s very inspiring and incredibly talented. She has a vast knowledge of makeup, and fashion (which she shows in her blog, as well as on her channel) and tends to use more drugstore products which makes her looks easily achievable!

4. Pixi2Woo or Tanya

Tanya does some of the most amazing tutorials ever! She is a professional makeup artist, and really focuses her channel on makeup tutorials. She is beyond stunning, and absolutely hilarious. Watching her videos always inspires me to get creative because she does unique but attainable looks!

5. NikkiPhillippi or Nikki

Nikki Phillippi is one of the most upbeat and enthusiastic beauty gurus ever! She lives a very healthy lifestyle and fills her channel with tips and tricks to leading one as well. She tends to use more organic products, and did a whole series on fitness videos! Watching Nikki can turn your day into a bright sunny one, and she even takes the time to respond to many of her comments! (She’s responded to me a few times on Instagram, which makes me more excited than I’m proud to admit)

I hope you found this post helpful, and I hope that you all enjoy watching these girls as much as I do! I also wanted to take the time to thank you ALL so much for your support on my first post, it has pushed me and motivated me to keep going!!

Adieu Beauty Babies :)!